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Plot prices and sizes

  • Plots – 10′ x 20′  annual rental fee of $55, available in multiples
  • Half Plots – 10′ x 10′ annual rental fee $30
  • Rototilling – $10
  • Compost bin – annual fee $5

Instructions for sign up

To rent a plot, print out two copies of the Rules and Terms.  Retain one copy for your records, complete and sign the rental terms form, enclose a check or money payable to Helfand Farm Community Gardens, and mail to:

c/o Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust
PO BOX 70567
South Dartmouth, MA 02748
Email: [email protected]
Contact us if you need forms mailed to you, or would like info about scholarship plots.

2015 Rules & Terms

Helfand Farm Community Gardens, Rules and Terms 2015


  1. The hours are from sunrise to sunset.
  2. During the season, the entrance will be chained, but not locked. The last person to leave the Gardens at any time of day must replace the chain.
  3. The short, fat stakes at the corners of the plot quadrants are outside of the plots, so all gardening activity, including fencing, must be inside those stakes. Aisles may not be obstructed.
  4. Unwanted rocks or plant material must be taken to the rock pile or compost area, and can not be left in the aisles or elsewhere.
  5. Vehicles may be driven up to the garden plots for the purpose of unloading difficult materials, but must be promptly returned to the parking area.
  6. Water conservation is a priority. Watering must be done by hand, or with a soaker hose, while the gardener is present. No sprinklers allowed.
  7. Non-organic fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides are not, allowed.
  8. Each renter has exclusive rights to their own plots. No one can enter other people’s plots without explicit permission.
  9. All trash must be removed from the Gardens each day. There will be no provision for trash at the site.
  10. Gardeners whose plots are poorly maintained or unsightly may be denied renewal for the following season. Plots must be neat and prepared for winter by October 31. If a plot must be abandoned, please notify a director.
  11. Well behaved dogs are allowed only if they are on a short leash and under control at all times. Owners must promptly clean up after them.
  12. Renters are responsible for making their guests aware of, and compliant with the rules, and for their guest’s behavior.
  13. Community gardeners, their guests and their dogs are prohibited from entering the adjoining agricultural fields, and other private properties.
  14. There will be no smoking at the Gardens.
  15. Garden activities are not allowed to affect neighboring plots with. shade, water or creeping or spreading plants, and plants may not spread into the aisles. Tall or spreading crops should be planned accordingly.
  16. No invasive plants are allowed, including raspberry, blackberry, wineberry and Jerusalem artichoke.
  17. Owners take the sole risk for tools, supplies or any personal property left in their plots, or anywhere at the Gardens.
  18. Anyone wishing to leave materials on the Gardens property, other than those which will be used immediately in their individual compost area or on their Gardens plot, must male a clear request to the Board of Directors ,then await a response. The same procedure is required for anyone wishing to remove anything other than produce from the Gardens, or to store anything in the shed.
  19. No one can represent the Gardens in print, promotions, statements, Grant applications or in other ways, without the explicit permission of the Board.
  20. The Rules for the Gardens are subject to interpretation and enforcement by the Board at any time, and may be modified as needed. Gardeners who break the rules, or who engage in inappropriate or destructive behavior, may be ‘given a verbal written warning, or denied a future plot renewal, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, or they may be expelled by a membership vote.
  21. All crops must be lawful and renters shall at all times conform to and comply with, all Federal, State and Town of Dartmouth laws, rules and regulations.
  22. No power equipment may be used at the Gardens without explicit prior permission from the Board, for safety and liability reasons.



  • The gardener pays $55 per 10′ x 20′ full plot, or $30 per 10′ x 10′ half plot, per season.
  • Multiples are available.
  • Each full plot has 5′ aisles on two sides.
  • The rental season begins Nov 1 [or later] and ends the following Oct. 31.
  • There is no provision for partial season reductions. Refunds for canceled leases may be given up to May.
  • The entrance chain will be locked in the off season, but gardeners may visit. A grassed parking area is provided, and shared grass areas are moved periodically.
  • A porta-john, cleaned weekly, is available Apr. 1— Oct. 15.
  • Town water [drinkable] is available for irrigation; one spigot for every four plots, May 1 through mid Oct.
  • There is a picnic table, shed, bulletin board, compost area and designated rock pile.
  • One wagon, a garden cart, a wheel barrow and some tools are available to share.
  • Rototilling is available, upon request, for $10 per plot.
  • Individual compost bins are available, for $5 per year. Bins are limited to one per gardener,
  • unless otherwise decided by the Board of Directors.
  • Gardeners will be assisted with answers to questions, provided with information and advice
  • and supplied with sources for products, whenever possible.
  • The gardener and his or her guests enters the property at his or her sole risk and hazard.

I understand that neither The Gardens, Inc, nor the owner of the land are responsible for my actions. I therefore, agree to hold harmless Helfand Farm Community Gardens, Inc., the past, present and future officers and directors, and owner of the land, for any liability, injury, damage, loss or claim that occurs in connection with the use of The Garden by me or any of my guests.

I have read, understand, agree and will comply with the Rules and Terms (4 pages), and any subsequent modifications declared by the directors of the Helfand Farm Community Gardens, as a condition of my plot rental.

Rental Terms Form:

Name:_____________________________________             Date: _________

Signature: _____________________________________

E-Mail Address: _____________________________________

Phone number: _____________________________________

Street/mailing address: _____________________________________

$55____ Full Plot (10×20)         Number of plots: ___

$30_____ Half Plot (10×10)

$5___ Compost Bin

$10___ Rototilling                    Number of plots: ___

$30___ Compost (Cubic yard)             Number of yards (Including half yards for $15): ______

Returning Gardeners only

Plot numbers:

Plot number:

Bin number:

Organic Gem (Liquid fish fertilizer):

$14.95_____ Quart       $29.95_____ Gallon

____________Donation, Thank You!

Total: ____________________


Please make check or money order payable to: Helfand Farm Community Gardens

Mail to:

c/o Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust
PO BOX 70567
South Dartmouth, MA 02748
Email: [email protected]