To provide the facilities for individuals to meet the dual needs of having high-quality food and the satisfaction of producing it themselves in a community setting.

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History of Helfand Farm

Three generations of the Helfand family had been operating Helfand Dairy farm since the 1800s.  The barn is gone, but the silo stands as a testiment to the farm's historic past.  In 1994, five members of the Helfand family generously put their family farm, of more than 34 acres, into an irrevocable trust to go to Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust (DNRT) upon their deaths. DNRT is now the owner, and the farm has been under DNRT management since 2011.  The farm consists almost entirely of excellent, tillable land, the majority of which is leased.

In 2012, plans were made to create the Helfand Farm Community Gardens [HFCG], and the Gardens were incorporated as a separate 501c3 non-profit organization. A corner of DNRT's Helfand Farm provides a wonderful site of roughly four acres. An organizational structure and amenities were put in place, and HFCG enjoyed its first, very successful season in 2013. Helfand Farm provides great potential, as the vision for the Gardens evolve.

Board of Directors

  • Benjamin Rapoza, President
  • Abbi Canney, Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Winiarz, Secretary
  • Tori Pilger, Membership
  • Michael Balukonis
  • Marlene Holohan
  • Joshua Swaye
  • Bess Coughlin
  • Lisa Allen
  • Bobby Mouzon

Directors Emeritus:

  • Mike Humphrey
  • Cindy Hurwitz
  • Lauren Miller-Donnelly
  • Renate Oliver

Partner Organizations