Rent a Plot

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Plot prices and sizes

  • Plots - 10' x 20'  - Annual rental fee - $65/pp, available in multiples
  • Half Plots - 10' x 10' annual rental fee $35
  • Rototilling - $20
  • Compost bin - annual fee $5

Instructions for sign up

Want to rent a garden plot?  Please contact us, to inquire about plot availability:

Email: [email protected]

Click here to download Garden Plot Order Form 2024 PDF

Once we have confirmed availability, print out two copies of the Rules and Terms and retain one copy for your own records, complete and sign the rental terms form, enclose a check or money order payable to Helfand Farm Community Gardens and mail to:

Helfand Farm Community Gardesn
P.O. Box 80644
Dartmouth, MA 02748

Contact us if you would like information about scholarship plots.

2024 Rules, Terms, and Application

Amenities Available

  • A HFCG member Weed n' Pick garden
  • Drinkable water hook up
  • Rototilling
  • First access to annual plant sale
  • Shared tools and wheelbarrows
  • Compost areas
  • Compost
  • Various fertilizer packages
  • Organic Gem (Liquid Fish Fertilizer)
  • Woven Plastic Ground Cover
  • Floating Row Covers
  • Wire Hoops